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Ball Position Back in Stance

Golf shots that start to the right and stay right… Or fade farther to the right. Hitting a lot of fat shots and thin shots.

Most of these players have a path that is too far IN-to-OUT. This is a big miss understanding with these players, because they think that the golf swing is supposed to be swing this direction, but since the ball is played to the side of us, the club needs to swing on a IN-to-IN path.

As these players try and swing IN-to-OUT, the arc of the golf club will tend to bottom out too early causing those fat shots.

The thin shots, the club will bottom out early, without hitting the ground, then the club will start working it’s way upward causing the ball to be hit thin or topped.

When you do make good contact, the ball tends to start out to the right and stay right or fades farther right.

The golf swing works on a IN-to-IN arc, like a old Solon door. If you’re thinking you need to swing the club IN-to-OUT the club never has a chance to square up to the back of the ball. Here is what you’ll need to focus on. Make an effort to turn your lead hip left earlier in the down swing, this will help get the club to move back to the inside on the forward swing and move the low point back to where the golf ball is and will clean up the fat, thin, and shots that start right and stay right.

Start to see shot that start left and slice after ward or pull? Then you’ve left out the freely swing motion of the arms. So make sure you are still releasing your arms in the down swing while you turn left. To help get this feeling again, place your feet together and hit some golf balls.

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