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Slices, Shanks, and Short Iron Pulls.. Here’s the Fix for YOU!

If these shot shapes are showing up in your game, then this is the information you’ll need to help straighten that ball flight out. We stand to the side of the ball and it’s played on the ground, so we need our arms and hands to swing the club up and down as the shoulders and hips turn. When done well, you’ll see the shoulders on a flatter plane and the lead are on a steeper plane at the top of the swing.

Players that suffer from these shot shapes, have a lead arm and a shoulder plane that almost match with a club face that’s open. This causes the club path to kick out and move more from a OUT to IN path causing those slices with the longer clubs, pulls with the shorter, and the occasional shank if we leave the club face open. Players with this look, normally have a ball position that is too far forward causing the shoulders to be aimed open, making it hard to get the arms to swing the club up as the shoulders turn right.

Here is the correction to help you out…. Give yourself the inside element of your back swing before you actually SWING! You do this by placing the ball farther back in the stance and aiming your shoulders more closed. Visualize the path running from the ball to the inside. Then swinging the club freely up with are arms and hands. Let your body turn as a result of the arms and hands moving up. This will help your position at the top of your swing and make it much easier to return the club on the IN to IN path allowing the ball fight to go towards your target.

If you still struggle with the ball starting out left and fading back, apply the FEET TOGETHER DRILL from a few videos ago to help promote the arms swinging freely upward and downward, so you’re not pulling on the golf club!

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