What’s Your Why?

WHY? This might be the BEST question that anyone has ever asked. It goes back to those young children that get on your NERVES when every other word out of their mouth is WHY…. 

It might be getting on our nerves, because we’ve never truly figured out why we do a current thing, or buy a current product. 

When you sit down and truly reflex on your WHY of anything, you can start peeling back some crazy layers and find out some incredible things about your self. This is true about your golf game as well! 

I always find it funny when players bring up… “What if there’s water on the right or OB left?” Then I ask… “Why are you worried about it?” 

Most of the time we (myself included) are worried about these things, because of how it’s going to make us look in front of other people. In reality no one cares what you do, because they are worried about what THEY are going to do.

So let’s get back to WHY… Why do I teach this game?  

Technology and science has helped us out a TON to help understand human movement, golf clubs, ball flights, and so much more! But with all this information we have made it complicated for regular golfers to understand. It’s great if you know what ulnar deviation is, but if you don’t and are trying to doing it in your golf swing while trying to play… you’re going to have a hard time playing well!

My WHY is to take all I’ve learned over the years… what I’ve tried and failed with… what I’ve been successful with… and make the golf swing as simple as I can, so YOU can go out and think less, preform better, and have WAY MORE FUN! I know that sounds cheesy, but it’s truly that simple. 

Golf hasn’t changed all that much…. It’s still a ball that’s on the ground and played to the side of us. We need to have a golf swing that goes in a circle around our body, that also moves up and down. 

The shoulders turn back while allowing the rest of the body to follow and the arms/hands move the club upwards. The down swing is just undoing those things and repeating it on the forward swing. 

So don’t get so hung up on LAG, AOA, OVER THE TOP, and all that other stuff. 

Make it simple in your thoughts, so your mind can be free to go out and perform!

Let’s hear your WHY! Comment below and share with a friend!

Much LOVE!


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