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How Rock and Block Can Cause you Issues!

In this video we talk about players that have an issue with long shots start out on target or to the right and then curve right thereafter. Also see the snap hook come into play.
This is caused by an issue in your set up that players tend to get too bent over with the upper body and straight with the legs. This causes the shoulders to work more up and down, making the club head swing straight. Players will tend to finish on the back leg/hang back. The body blocks the arms from swinging freely which can cause those shots out to the right and snap hooks. Here is the fix for this issue.. Set up to the ball with more flex in your legs and your upper body more upright, so you’re not so far bent over. If your eyes are almost in a straight line with the ball from the ground… You’ve bent over too far. So stand up taller with your chin up a little higher.

 Great drill to help the posture, would be to hit balls with the ball above your feet. That way your chest can stand taller to match the slope. From this set up position, all you want to focus on is turning your right shoulder back (less upward) as you swing the arms back and up. This turning will help your left side clear on the way forward. While making this change on this lie, you’ll tend to top the ball a bit, because you are so use to hitting the ground. So make sure to extend your arms at impact trying to make a divot. This will help that issue. Once you’ve made this charge you’ll see a lower more penetrative ball flight with more distance.

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