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Let’s Talk Joaquin Niemann’s Swing!

Joaquin Niemann Swing Analysis – PGA Winner!

Joaquin Niemann has a unique golf swing that has a TON of great things about it. His ability to move the way he does is unreal. The amount of right side bend at impact that he has is one of super human ability!

I worry for some players trying to get into a position like Joaquin, that doesn’t move like him!

This is true for other players as well, such as DJ’s wrist angles is just one example.

Just because one player is having success with a move, doesn’t mean we all have to try and get there.

We all move differently, and have different limitation. Continue to work on the basics from set up and grip then match up your body and your arm speed. Then you’ll start to see a lot of great things in your positions.

Things that I enjoy about Joaquin’s golf swing is his set up position from his grip and body lines, then the top of his swing is BEAUTIFUL. Those are the things I hope you take away from this video and it helps you improve your game!

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