You are currently viewing Snap Hooks are NO FUN! Might be an easy fix for you though!

Snap Hooks are NO FUN! Might be an easy fix for you though!

When the ball is starting off online, but sharply snapping left after with little to no height the first thing I’m checking as a coach is how you hold the golf club.

Most the time path of the golf club is not the issue, but the club face being so closed to that path causing the ball to sharply snap after the hit.

More times that not in the world of golf, we do the opposite of what we truly need to do. We end up holding on tighter with our lead hand and lighten up the presser on our trail hand.

This is NO GOOD…. when you start to do this, it would be great to help with your slice, but cause that snap hook to get worse. The reason why this will make it worse is because you’ll get the handle of the golf club so slow down, causing the club to snap sharply into the ball helping the club close even more!

So what you want to do is move the V’s that you make with the index fingers and thumbs more to the center (not all the way to your chin, but more center than before) then apply a little more presser with your trial hand on your lead thumb.

This will help slow the closing of the club face down through impact, so you can start to send the ball at your target again.

You’ll know if you have over done this if the ball flight starts to fall to the right or slice. If that is the case, move the V’s back to the trail side and take more presser off the lead thumb.

Let the golf ball tell you how much you truly need to do with the grip.

If this doesn’t fix the hook, I’ll be posting more lessons on how to help fix those hooks! Stay TUNED!

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Much love golfing world! Let’s be better than yesterday!


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