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Understanding Hand Path

Hear the term “HAND PATH” all over, but I don’t really hear anyone explaining why it shows up.

For most players that I’ve worked with that struggle with this issues, it’s normally pretty simple.

The club is held into the palms of the hands causing the player to have a weak grip.

Or it’s a concept issue where they are trying to get the club more behind them with the arms and not turning the shoulders well.

So if you have an issue with your hands coming out away from your body as you take the club back and the club gets sucked in behind. Check your grip and make sure to place it in your fingers.

If you’re getting your arms too sucked in behind you trying to fix the hand path…. remember… the club needs to be swung on a arc that goes on a IN to IN path.. This happens because of the shoulders, not your arms. Your arms and hand make the club go up and down, because the golf ball is on the ground.

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